viernes, marzo 19, 2010


El tiempo me mató otra vez, los dejo con uno de mis temas favoritos de una de las mejores bandas de los últimos años.

Nothing to do and nothing to be done
So you go and stole your mother's medicine

But I don't need time,
I just need you

Tell me a story I've never heard
With your pristine hand writing dirty words

But I don't need time
I just need you

To wake me on a Tuesday morning
And tell me there'll be peace in our time
Because I can't take another warning
Like the night we should have just left behind

Now you say
You just can't drive away in the back of your heart
A bright white Chevrolet

I don't need time
I just need you

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  1. Ayer descubrí este blog y me encanta! Sigue escribiendo y enseñando nuevas bandas que yo te seguiré. Creo que tenemos gustos afines.